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Example Prompts: 

Prompts for interviewing community members/developers/Pittsburghers (should reminisce about the past as well as look into the future). Everyone should put more thought into what is happening in the Hill District because similar projects are happening in other areas of the city and it is important to understand what happened and why. We want the project to help individuals think about what happened, and see the Hill District as a positive force in its area. We want to work together side by side with the community to revitalize the community and address the individual's interests: to get their voices heard and remind them that the community is still there for them.

Curating Memories questions:

  • What do you think makes the hill district unique?
  • What do you remember the most/first about the Hill?
  • What does the place mean to you today - how often do you go back and how do you feel?
  • What would you want to see in the Hill and why?

Charles Teenie Harris online archive - searchable by date, street name

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