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Open Questions and Challenges

  • Is there an easy way to reach out to the community to get their perspectives? Where there any artistic initiatives, similar to ours, that succeeded in the community or a similar one?
  • Can this be implemented elsewhere? How can the project be more even site-specific?
  • Should the projection be on all the time? How can people who are on the site but not stepping on the tiles be educated on the site as well?
  • How can the "activation" of the memorial experience be more impactful? How can it
  • How do we get people to notice the tiles more -- the tiles are on the sidewalk but people are in the parking lot? Perhaps there should be more interventions within the parking lot itself, which people will see when they get out of their car, to capture their attention immediately and teach them about the history of the site.
    • How feasible is it to get funding for the maintenance of this, and would the community be capable of the labor associated with the project or willing to do it? Is video projection truly the best intervention for the given site and issue? What about augmented reality experiences (similar to Pokemon Go)? Could we use sound and voice recordings to create a stronger representation of the community and the culture that existed before? Could a simulation be another potential approach, and be considered more suitable?

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