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Web page 

we decided to create a web page to showcase our installation as this was an easy way to visualise what it would be like without actually setting it up on the site. This was generated using HTML and Javascript to previous assumption that it only could be made in Processing. 

 The web page receives incoming data from the photon in the lock when the button has been pushed. This data then triggers the audio for that specific lock which in turn triggers other audios with the similar subjects (e.g. date/time or origin of couple) When the audio plays from a specific lock that lock will light up to indicate it is the one being played. This can create a pattern of locks that are weaved together in a wider system of love. 

This website will be able to be used by all users of the bridge and would give more context into the bridge itself. 

Future of webpage

An interesting aspect to add to the web page would be a feature that the couples can log onto and edit information about their lock. They could choose to disclose more information about themselves so that their lock could be grouped in a category more easily. For example there may be a feature prompting the couple to add in the date the put the lock up, where they are from and how long they have been together? 

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