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Future Improvements

This project had basic functionality but in the future we would want more improvements. The unlock design had the functioning components but required more fine tuning in order to release the lock from its place in a smooth manner.

Powering the system was a challenge on its own. Trying to fit the electronics in such a small container was difficult due to the space left only for small batteries. We would need to create a slightly larger box to hold these components or go with a different powering solution like outlet power or solar power. For costs and effort sake powering through an outlet would be the optimal choice. 

In the future we would also have to think more about connectivity. Right now we used a particle photon but this device only works with WiFi. If we wanted an outside installation we would have to use a particle electron. These electronics function the same way except that the electron has its own 3G service to connect to the cloud servers. This would be vital in the IoT section of out project. There is a monthly cost but rather low and provided by a legitimate cellular provider. 

If this were going to be installed outside we would have to really incorporate techniques for keeping the lock functioning always. Weather is especially a problem in Pittsburgh so we would have to make this equipment waterproof. This technique of 3D printing would allow too much water to filter through overtime. A solution to this would be to use a different type of 3D printer, SLS, that create water resistance seals on their prints. Another solution would be to spray the outside of the container with water resistance chemicals. This would create an outer shell that would not allow water to flow or permeate. With this design there are instances where there will be holes for the wiring or signaling. For the signalling issue an antennae extension could be installed that would not require a hole but a opening so that the antennae could be attached =outside for a better signal. For the wiring there would need  to be some sort or glue or gasket material covering up those connections to insure nothing seeps inside. 

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