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Open Questions and Challenges

A big question that this question raises is what level of interaction is right for people to truly help remember events such as love, and to help them feel a part of other’s memories. Another question/challenge we had were the exact real-world implications/logistics of the project, such as brought up during the review: are they dispensed and bought, or rather already placed and ready to receive input? This simply raises a thought to keep in mind with the final project on how flushed out/what degree of resolution projects have. Another question/thought raised by the discussion during the crit feeds off the idea of this being a built system, and potentially playing with the idea of such a system being implemented in sites around the world and potentially being interconnected, so the network of the locks on one bridge envisioned currently is even more connected on a larger scale. This, however, could bring a huge set of issues and challenges with it, but the project (we feel) can be a good platform for actual developments to be made in real life if chosen. 

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