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Ghost Food: vegetable protein made to taste like fish

We really liked the idea that smell could change our perception and override our other senses, and the dystopian worldview adopted that suggests that certain crops and foods could become extinct soon because of climate change.

Smelly Maps: capturing smellscape of cities from social media data

At the same time, we thought that it was interesting idea that smell could be related to space; this brought up the question of whether we should embed specific scents to places (such as the smell of pizza at the entrance of a pizza place) or if we should allow scents to be recreated anywhere but transport the user to another place in their mind. Perhaps, devices embedded in our built environment could trigger the release of a smell to the user. For example, the smell of a bakery could be released when the user passes by a place previously occupied by a bakery.

Scentography by Amy Radcliffe

On a more personal level, we realize that smell also has sentimental/memorial value for people. With the advancement of smell technology, the ability to record and re-experience smells will be highly sought after.

Fragrance delivery brooch set by Jenny Tillotson: fashion accessories that communicate with each other, that react to the user's mood

Another way to think about smell for the individual is how it could affect emotions. We imagine that if there were a library of smells, users would want to control their own emotions/stressful lives by escaping through smell.

Aromajoin/Aroma Shooter

In terms of technology, advancements have been made in storing and mixing of scents using the idea of cartridges. 

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