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Open Questions and Challenges

We used this project to explore the future of smell technology, a part of technology that is much less developed than technology catering towards sight or sound. For this reason, we approached the project in a way that we thought would inspire questions about smell technology and start a conversation. Some questions we wanted to raise were:

What is the most convincing market for smell technology products? Should devices be able to serve multiple functions (personal, commercial, environmental, cultural etc)?

To what extent will smell technology be accepted? How should the user interface be thought about?

What are the issues that could prevent smell technology from being adopted, if developed?

Should smell be a shared experience? Should devices be worn by the individual, or should they be embedded in space with a certain area of influence?

How will smell devices affect the way we interact with space? How will they affect the way we interact with other people?

What is the future of smell data in helping us understand the world around us better?

What is the potential of smell technology in outer space?

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