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Project Meaning:

We wanted to simulate the near future where technology still has not been fully integrated into a humans system. We created a cutout tattoo with a Cricut out of gold leaf, and other materials, to create the conductive Memttoo. We also created the process for how a user would utilize the Memttoo, while mimicking the effects of a hologram that would be used to portray a memory, which we showcased in our room installation.

In this installation, we looked into one of the first steps of integration such as electronic tattoos being added onto the skin to interact with systems. We are dealing with the topic of intangible memory and are looking into how to portray it, even though it does NOT exist yet. We want our audience to realize that people in the future will be able to remember all their memories, due to their ability to capture and save anything digitally. 

We want to create a meaningful installation, that would show what intangible memory would feel like in real-time (combining the mental with physical, for a sensory experience) because people are losing touch with the tangible world that surrounds them. Once you have an intangible memory, you might want to re-experience your memories complete sensory experience. We want to visually, and tangibly create this feeling, to be able to simulate what that state would feel similar to the black mirror episode about memory. We potentially would want this moment is to be shared with others and would want to use the installation as a way to visualize what it means and feels to have an intangible memory. What would be the consequences, what would be the benefits?

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