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Scenario: A user wishes to recall a memory. The individual touches his or her topical Memttoo with a simple gesture, then sending the memory to a server display, where the user can choose to share the memory publicly or not via hologram technology.

Our Process: Tattoo wearable (input a certain memory and feeling) -> recall memory by sending it to the embedded neck implant (a receptor for the recall memory trigger) -> gathers memories from the digital realm which relate to the tangible memory you wanted to recall displays them in different ways (creates a composite of the digital interrelated memories and tangible) -> Display memories through the holographic server display

As most designs go we went into really high-level concepts where technology could be utilized in the future and then, toned it down such that we would be able to create a low-fidelity prototype to present this idea during the installation. We made sure to utilize the skills that we currently had as a team in order to create something that would be functional rather than reaching too far and not being able to create the prototype. We wanted to create a deliverable that people could interact with and experience, a tangible experience.  

Some of our team members had a lot of strength in VR systems and incorporated that knowledge into the hologram system that we created. We also had a lot of electronics knowledge with the Arduino microcontroller that would allow us to create rapid prototyping with the electronics portion of the project. 

Our team had a lot of energy and ideas, but what ended up happening was that we went with the most feasible and easy ideas so that we would be able to finish the installation in time while aiming to create an immersive experience. 

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