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Open Questions and Challenges

  • How can you visualize memories so that they are meaningful? Would intangible/infallible memory manifest itself differently and into different forms depending on the person and their experiences? This manifestation could depend on what type of a mind the individual has if it is more artistic, or analytic, and then it would be displayed and interpreted differently, based on whose it is. 
  • How will people save memories or remember memories 10 years down the road? Will documenting the memory become more important than just experiencing it? What are the implications of having a perfect memory, and what would one define as "a perfect memory?" 
  • Will memories become less private and intimate due to the nature of the internet? How will the tide of social media shape the definition of memories for younger generations and how would they use social media differently? 
  • What will be considered the average process of saving and sharing a memory? Will tangible objects like albums become obsolete? Will individuals not be able to decide how to document their memories?  Will the ability to make a memory disappear become a privilege?  

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