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This project taught all of us not only how to work with new technologies, but how to look at designing feasible or believable product/ideas that will be used in future context. One of the fascinating parts of this project was how we were able to come up with a future technology, based off of observations and current developing trends and technologies. Framing the project was one of the hardest tasks to tackle due to the challenge of having to predict the future and society's response to technology, but it enabled us to understand how technology affects society in the long-term on multiple levels. 

Our team was satisfied with our result and enjoyed working together to come up with an interesting and viable future technology. If we were to repeat the project we would try to get insights from people in the industries we are researching and targeting, to make the idea even more viable. 

Ideally, it would have been nice to take the project even further and experiment with individual's perception of memories, and how they decide which memories matter and which do not. To figure out how to display these memories then, so that they represent the individual's story and emotions. Some individuals prefer a more intimate relationship and setting to share memories while other are more open. It would be interesting to see how these users would utilize the Memttoo, and how they would personally feel about sharing their memories. If some users might want to "apply a filter" or "distort the memory" so when they share it, it might not make them feel as vulnerable. 

  • Extra thoughts : How would these filters or alterations of memory affect the person and their actual memory? How would they look and how would they work? Would they do more harm or good? Would memories have to start being defined, for example, if one is "altered" or "unaltered" if the individual is able to distort it. 

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