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Precedent Research


  • The main research regarding the electronic tattoos is from MIT researchers at MIT Media Lab, their project was called Duo Skin. In their paper, MIT researchers described using Gold Lead as a cheap substance for creating the tattoos and how they would interact with the electronics. 
  • Other techniques we researched for utilizing the hologram effect for our videos. There are a lot of techniques to creating a hologram effect but we decided to go with a mimicked visual approach because it was feasible with the equipment we had and could be scaled up to show to a large crowd. We wanted to create an immersive experience which is why we heavily focused on interactions and discovery in our display.


  • We looked into creating a simple tattoo design that would not interfere with the circuit design and functionality, which would be simple to use but also easy to design around. We looked at a circuit design for the first tattoo concept, since we were thinking of having the computer components or wearable be a part of the individual, but we switched over to a tactical surface that could be applied on human skin since we wanted to demonstrate how the design would actually be worn. We also looking into what design would be the easiest to personalize since individuals who would wear the Memttoo would want to be able to choose how to wear it.

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