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From our research, we gained a basic understanding of the components and technology of such a device. Our device would need to filter air using 1) negative ions 2) activated carbon filtration or 3) condensation; as well as to create and emit smells using 1) smell cartridges or 2) magnetic coils that target smell receptors. We decided to go with some sort of mesh/filter and smell cartridges. The device comprises of passive air filtering and active smell emission, which is operated by a small battery (possibly rechargeable). The smell emission system is activated using a sensor (eg. based on location) which causes the circuit to close; the corresponding mix of odors are requested and sent through the “input” side to the nose and mouth. There is a separate side for exhaling of gases and for collection of filtered pollutants.

In creating a prototype for the smell filtering/enhancing device, some of the questions we dealt with included:

-Should there be different sizes?
-Should there be different aesthetic qualities for different user groups? (rich, middle-income, low-income)
-Is it geometric or curved to the face?
-How is it secured?
-How does it affect speech, eating habits?

For the making of the prototype, we used clay and formed the shape of the smell mask on a foam head until we had the desired shape.  Then, the mask was cut into different pieces and left out to dry/harden.  THe pieces were then vacuum-formed with plastic to get the shape of the different components, cut out, then glued together to form the mask.  The mask was then spray painted and elastic was added to bring it to another level of resolution. 


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