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Our final project takes the form of a short film that reveals a shocking yet comedic potential past where large scale food corporations and government military involvement have gone too far. In a remote government research laboratory in the Appalachian Mountains, a pair of mysterious hands are shown attempting to create a hamburger to completely sustain a human lifespan. Instead, their culinary work produces a highly radioactive burger that will shake society to its core. A loose rat discovers the contaminated specimen and the transformation begins. What once was a small innocent test rat in the government facility is now a colossal, confused monster that wreaks havoc on the nearby city. Government officials act quickly and unleash an equally sized robot to take down the giant rat. What follows is a humorous and destructive battle sequence that ends in an unexpected twist that leaves the audience thinking even after the credits roll.

People: John Choi, Paul Calhoun, Toya Rosuello, Justin Abel, Samuel Day 

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