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Survey Areas:

The study locations were suggested based on proximity relative to the campus location and ease of access.

The Aim – To survey and find areas in proximity to CMU campus which students can utilize to work in outside of their studios. Both on weekdays and weekends.

Survey Locations:
Campus: Hunt Library, Sorrels Library, GHC & Danforth Lounge UC
Squirrel Hill: Commonplace Coffee, Coffee Tree Roasters, Crazy Mocha, Dobra Tea
Shady Side: Starbucks, Coffee Tree Roasters, Arriveste, Jitters
Craig & Forbes: Starbucks, Heinz Lounge, Carnegie Library
Oakland: Hillman Library, Fuku Tea, Frick Gallery, Panera Bread

Before walking out to sample sites, the different devices have to be calibrated together to set controls. These controls should be used to accordingly amend the recorded values.

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