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Personal Reflection:

  1. For me, the least amount of variation is the most important criteria and therefore, Hunt library is the preferred choice for studying followed by Danforth Lounge, UC . Sudden increase in noise levels or eerie silence is quite distracting for me and that would surely affect concentration.
  2. CMU campus locations look quieter than off campus but this could just be reflecting on the choice of places on campus. These places were chosen based on a prior knowledge base and mostly the places known to be quiet were chosen as a group.
  3. CMU is surrounded by places which have near optimum levels of noise that promotes creativity. That surely tells something!
  4. Off campus places with secluded seating spots such as Dobra Teas and Crazy Mocha have less noise levels and these places are almost always occupied.
  5. Most places on an average have lower noise levels on weekends than weekdays which points to the underlying fact that on weekends, people prefer staying at home and that leaves less people in these locations.

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