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Carnegie Mellon University is a centralized hub in Oakland, Pittsburgh. As such, students have an array of communal spaces for studying that range from on-campus facilities, local libraries, coffee shops and even surrounding university facilities that are open to the public.

Many of the students live in adjacent neighborhoods such as: Squirrel Hill and Shadyside. Their active commercial districts provide additional gathering spaces for studying and group discussions off campus, making it convenient to do work off campus after school hours and during weekends.

This noise analysis will help to determine the best location to study or work during your free time. Whether you prefer working on or near campus, or off campus closer to your home. Additionally someone could use this map to help inform the best locations for the type of working environment they prefer: solo quiet reading, versus group discussions, by using the optimum median standards established for maximum productivity (50Db) and the optimum creativity (70Db) one could analyze the map in more depth to determine their idea working environment. 

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