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While the first two graphs do a pretty good job in detailing the range of noise levels observed at various locations. The extremities of the observed value could also be misleading as they could just be one-time occurrences. Figure 6 provides a better understanding of the environment with respect to the noise levels. The optimal noise level for studying is 50Db and therefore, any value around that is considered good for concentration.

Squirrel Hill coffee shops were the most quieter ones especially Dobra Tea café having a median noise level of 45Db. However, due to heavy footfall over the weekends, the median noise level increased to 57Db. It can also be observed that the places in Shadyside and Oakland were noisier and far away from the optimal noise level than the rest of the locations. Another surprising result was that of Frick Gallery, which is one of the noisiest over the weekends but one of the quietest over the weekends.

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