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Additional reflections on the use of Caricatures:

The use of graphs and plots that we as Graduate students have been used to are based greatly upon accuracy of data. With the introduction of Caricatures, for the first time, I have been introduced to this form of data highlighting. For a simple data set with one or two dimension, I think it could be a very effective way of visualization and could be made easy to understand. However, complexity is where I would refrain from using caricatures. With more than two dimensions to display, a caricature may may end up as an exaggeration of a particular dimension missing the point that the author wanted to make and causing distraction.

City data used for simple visualizations such as population densities, housing densities, number of restaurants in an area etc, can very well be visualized using caricatures. However, any data needed to perform analysis on over-lapping systems and data layers should use other forms of representations to be more accurate and simple.

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