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I used a combination of techniques from all three weeks.  For the wiring I used hand sewing and used the back stitch (I forgot the exact name) to create a clear looking wire.  I also used running stitches to combine the pieces in the joystick.

The entire piece was made out of materials and techniques taught in session two, specifically the cloth circuits.  I used conductive thread to wire together the components, connected to conductive clasps, mechanical and magnetic.  I also used fabric with conductive/resistive properties to create the joystick and the circuit wiring.

Finally, I researched and then laser cut Velostat in order to create a shape that I found workable for the final project.

The end result is a prototype pressure based joystick.  Unfortunately, due to the sewing through the velostat and the uneven hardness of the base of the joystick, all the LEDs will light up to some strength depending on where you press.  However, in regions of the Velostat unaffected by my errors, the directionals work just slightly.

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