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Process + Procedure

I'll be using Fusion360 and Adobe illustrator to design and prepare this clock. My design steps are as follows:

  1. measure exact dimension of clock kit and door frame
  2. use F360's sketch environment draw first 3-tier pattern for outer clock shape 
  3. create a circular pattern to repeat the 4 major design elements of clock
  4. stop sketch and extrude clock 
  5. create second sketch for clock face
  6. extrude clock face
  7. create third sketch for numbers and spindle hole
  8. extrude-cut numbers into clock face, extrude-cut hole into all clock body
  9. combine-cut clock face into outer body
  10. assign materials to bodies and render final model
  11. create sketch projections for all bodies
  12. export projects as DXF
  13. use Illustrator to create artboard sized to material (cast acrylic and wood)
  14. layout DXF files in Illustrator to test and cut clock
  15. test cut until satisfactory outcome
  16. cut final pieces
  17. clean acrylic with acetone, sand wood and seal with butchers block
  18. assemble final clock with clock kit

In this process, I ended up switching the materials used. Originally I was going to make the clock face out of acrylic and the outer body of wood. Due to the material constraints, I ended up switching the materials and bodies. In this process I also created multiple outer rings. In my original file, I only created one layer, but seeing how each layer of acrylic added dimension, I changed my design to account for multiple layers.

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