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Case by Case Analysis

What happened on day 1?

Day 1 or 31st May 2015 had an unusually large number of trips even though the program had just started. The high usage of Healthy Ride infrastructure on 31st May 2015 can be attributed to the start of the program on the same day. Bike share start date coincided with the years’ first OpenStreetsPGH event. As a result, 3.5 miles of streets from Market Square to Sixth Street, Downtown, and Penn Avenue in the Strip District to Butler Street in Lawrenceville, ending at Allegheny Cemetery were closed.

As we can see in the below image, the locations of the top 6 busiest bike stations fall exactly on this 3.5 routes. These stations are not the ones with the most bike racks, nor were the top 6 busiest overall. This shows how even though it was just the first day, the program was received so well. The same can be said for 28th of June which was again a OpenStreetsPGH event.

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