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What Happens on Weekends?

Weekends see a higher number of trips than a weekday in any given week. A possible reason for this can be found when looking at the trip data for a weekday. Comparing the bike check-out times to the trip duration gives us some great insight into this question.

The first image below shows the difference in the median and average trip duration during the week and the weekend. the duration of trips on the weekend seems to be significantly higher. This is a preliminary insight which will help us later.

We can see from the ’Check-Out Time Trends Through The Week’ visualization, that the number of trips during a weekday increases significantly after 4.30-5pm. These numbers are not like ‘before office’ hours (7.30-9) and this indicates the use of the bikes just after office hours and in turn we can infer that most of these bikes are used for leisure. As this is the primary usage of these bikes, it now becomes clear why weekends see a higher number of trips.

This also points towards possible shortcomings in biking infrastructure and acceptance of biking as a mainstream mode of transportation to work and back.

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