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What is the significance of locations of stations with the most number of racks?

The stations with the most number of racks are the ones located at Centre Avenue & Consol and North Shore Trail & Ft Duquesne Bridge with 35 racks each. To look into why these stations have a significantly higher number of stations, lets look at the locations.

The first station is at the Consol arena site, right across the new PPG paints arena which makes it a very favorable location. It sits across from one of the busiest intersections and at the foot of the Hill District. Both these reasons make it a good spot for parking your car and taking a bike to work into downtown. The second site sits at the end of the North Shore Trail and the start of Fort Duquesne bridge which acts as a gateway into Pittsburgh downtown. The station is also centrally located from both Heinz field and PNC park and therefore has a favorable location for a high capacity station. 

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