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The objective was to find out the bike routes of people on a traditional weekday and a weekend. The result was quite interesting. During the weekdays, there were lesser bike riders as compared to that on weekend which can be attributed to the fact that people generally use bikes more for recreational purpose rather than as a form of commute. Another important finding was that most of these routes were directed towards (assumption) the Downtown area, a commercial district, on a weekday. However, on a weekend a significant amount of rush can be witnessed in areas like Mount Washington which is more of a recreational site.

Another important finding was the lack of any transit network line between the two extreme ends of the city. There seems to be no or little routing via the center of the city. Another important finding was very few bike racks in these neighborhoods which could also have affected the routes. This could be the reason of dense bike routing on the periphery of the city. It is also safe to assume that due to the unavailability of bike racks in such neighborhoods, people generally prefer other transit options over bike.    

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