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With the human emotion, I tried to convey a sense of distractedness and frustration in my composition. I created a thin, diagonal line that points to a corner of the frame to portray the subject and put most of the motion, through my placement of the dots, away from the subject to show that the important things are happening out of the subject’s field of vision, to further create a sense of distraction/ frustration. I also made the horizontal line extremely thick to ground the diagonal line and dots to the bottom of the frame. The density of the dots and the thickness of the horizontal line makes the picture seem as though it is all moving towards the bottom of the frame, similar to how Kandinsky would make his works seem to have motion by making certain aspects seem bolder or condensed than others. The downwards motion also pulls away from the subject, who is near the top, thus creating a sense of discord between the subject and the rest of the objects, further increasing the feeling of distraction and frustration. 

Dots, Lines, and Shapes

The Manmade Object

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