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Reflecting on the Memory Box:


One of the challenges of the Memory Box was really immersing the user in the emotion they were feeling in a physical way. We met that challenge by using not just one but two senses, sight and sound, to immerse the user in the emotion.


The emotion analysis had bugs and was not as accurate as it could have been.


We ended up focusing too much on the technology used and not the user experience and this impacted the empathy aspect of the project. Suggestions including making the emotion analysis more of a conversation as opposed to a reflection - some said it felt a little inhuman.

Going Further:

If we go further with this project, we will definitely focus on improving the emotion analysis to include inflection as well as language, and produce a more nuanced version of the memory box. We would also think about ways to make it more real-time, overlapping voices and sounds (maybe even instead of truly one on one we have people talking at the same time and place them in the same "chatroom?")

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