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Process + Procedure

Outline your approach to the project. What steps did you take to design, model, sketch, and prototype this projects? What ideas did you generate and how did you refine or reject them? What challenges were encountered and how did you resolve them? Include photos of prototypes, sketches, design worksheets, and failed trails.

The steps I took to make this product:

a. Brainstormed ideas by looking at different designs on the web.

b. Measured the size of different makeup accessories, looked up the maximum size allowed at the 3d printer and decided the dimension. 

c. Made a rough sketch of the makeup organizer from different views, including the dimensions.

d. Start making the model in fusion360 and export the stl file. 

f. Slicing the model and submitted onto nvbots.

g. But then I realized the model takes way to long(over 24 hours) to print. So I wouldn't be able to finish printing the final product on time.


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