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Human emotion

Apart from one shot of a pipe in Gates, the human emotion compositions were the only photos taken inside rather than in natural light (on a cloudy day). They have a noticeably warmer quality, though I'm not sure that would come through in black and white. The emotion prompt for this was "embarrassed," though I'd call the result something like "shame." I thought this pose was interesting because usually emotions are conveyed through facial expression, but in this case the body language alone is enough to communicate it. I think the angle adds a bit more drama, exaggerating her lean, and putting her squarely in the foreground with everything else squeezed in around and behind her. Apart from the small parts of stove and toaster, which are slightly distracting, the only strong darks are her clothing and hair, which further sets her apart from her surroundings. The brightness of the light through the doorway is also perhaps too extreme and a bit distracting, but not too much so. Unlike what would be typical for a portrait, she's turned away from the main source of light in this room, which goes along with the act of hiding in embarrassment.

All photos taken for this assignment can be viewed here (must use andrew account):

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