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 Additional Research to complement Existing System

Based on the insights gained and the cases studies, a few strategies can be recommended. Their details are as follows:

Data Visualization

1. All the 311 data is available online, but as we have seen from numerous case studies before, it is of no use to the general public before it is processed. Therefore, an online system is needed which shows all this data. Burgh’s Eye View already shows the 311 data. However, based on the differences that were observed in the data between the city 311 and county resources, an integrated system is needed which takes up the 311 requests and updates in both the city’s and county’s databases.

2. This could later also involve a feedback system, where the requests that have been attended to are updated. This can be done to look into recurring problems and these can then be taken care of separately.

Digital Data Collection

1. As we can see that the 311 data has some discrepancies with county data. Also, there might be some hesitation from the community to provide information over call, it would be recommended to have a text based system like ‘textizen’ to make people more comfortable. Also, text would be easier to follow up and gain more information on the issue.

2. A front-end interaction system needs to be designed (discussed later on in the project) to get text based answers from people. The questions would be predefined with simple yes/no or A/B/C/D options.

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