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2. The biggest advantage of such a system would be to get a firsthand/detailed (not just yes and no) account of issues.

3. Cost wise however, this would over long durations, turn expensive. Say if this is a yearlong commitment, the average salary of a counselor in Pittsburgh is around $35,000. This coupled with cost of system would total around $50,000 per year. This is just cost of data collection. The cost per person could be $9-$47 (

Technological Intervention

1. Projection Mapping – In case the engagement does take place within the community, projection mapping can be used as a tool to make people understand the space a bit better. They would already know the place and could pin-point the exact locations that need interventions. Mapping the nuisance properties on an actual map of the neighborhood will be helpful. However, the cost of this set-up is high and the potential impact is limited to people attending the event.

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