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The City of Pittsburgh is the local entity that maintains, repair, rebuild and take care of all 739 steps throughout the city. A long time neglected part of the city; the steps gained the reputation of insecure and precarious pieces of infrastructure. Favorably this condition has changed in the recent time, to the point that the municipality has launched an ambitious plan to renovate all the steps in the near future.

According to the City of Pittsburgh, the City Accelerator project - which is an initiative to help accelerate the adoption of innovative programs inside the local government - has provided a new effort to develop a way to maintain and renovate the steps in a systematical matter. The official web page states:

"Using mapping analysis, public input, and fieldwork, the city will create a prioritized repair and rebuilding schedule. In addition to creating a priority list, this project will consider the material, aesthetic and public amenity aspects of the staircases through the creation of new design guidelines and lifecycle cost estimates."

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