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Artist documenting process

Having an overview of the Pittsburgh Steps has guided me to think about different attitudes that a designer can approach such fascinated feature of the city. For that, I have found and talked personally with Laura Zurowski, a local artist that has as purpose to document Pittsburgh's public steps in an unorthodox way.

Laura is embarking on a four - to five - year project to explore and catalog all 739 of Pittsburgh’s public steps. According to Pittsburgh Magazine interviewing her, it describes her work as:

"Zurowski stands apart from her step-enthusiast predecessors with her blend of one part photographer, one part author, and one part archivist. Climbing the steps is a deliberate act of studying the surrounding area, what is above and below, why were these steps used, who walked here before. They have stories to tell."

She explains that each step visited contains a written story narrative, a description of the space and two photographs taken from a Polaroid camera. She posted each one on Instagram, Flirck, and Craigslist. And has a web page where she planned to publish and sell “Pittsburgh Stairs Trading Cards.” These cards will be released two or three times a year in randomized 10-packs.

Her intentional idea is also just to take a limited amount of photos because it is pointless with today`s technology to make a big deal out of pictures that practically anyone can do it. Her major input is her way of systematically telling a story, document and take advantage of online platforms to spread her stories.


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