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Possible further proposal

Giving that Ms. Steps project has a solid set of goals, objectives, and a system of work, I found that an innovative input to the project could arise from a new specif documenting and storytelling process like in The Whale Hunt project.

From the municipality side there is a predisposition to highlight and improve the conditions of the steps, and from the perspective of the project mentioned above, there is a desire to experience new ways of documenting and appreciating the steps. A potential addition to both could improve the way in which the user manipulates the information and could lead to further exploration of ideas about these infrastructural elements.

The way the proposal is shown is on a timeline. This would contain not just Ms. Steps approach, but information gathered from other sources. The potential of the interface is that once interactive, anyone can play and see more in-depth each section while still having an overall idea of the general project. I worked in this section with data extracted from the official municipality, the WPRDC, Ms. Steps data (which was data mined with professor Byrne and Ms. Luwoski permission) and personally visiting some steps in the morning of Saturday, Dec. 16.2017.

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