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Case study 1

As can be seen in the above image, the case marked 1 seems interesting as it forms almost a linear cluster of requests. These requests also seem to over lap. The following three images talk about this cluster.

The first images shows a corner unit which is clearly vacant and adjacent to it is an occupied unit. this explains the reason for multiple requests as the vacant unit is a safety hazard for the people next door. We can also see the porch roof caved in.

The second image is of another unit in the same row of houses. The reason for the repeated requests seems to be the same as the adjacent units are occupied, there might be nuisance related issues.

The third image is of a separate unit next to the long row of houses. As can be seen, the porch and part of the roof are caved in and this poses a structural hazard to anyone near it. There is also an overgrowth of shrubbery and that is not good for the structure as well. 

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