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  • Particle Photon
  • 10K Ohm thermistor
  • 10K Ohm resistor
  • 4 IR LEDs
  • 4 1K Ohm resistors
  • A lot of female/male extension jumper wires


  1. Wired up the breadboard with a resistor and the thermistor as shown in the schematic below.
  2. Tested that the thermistor worked by publishing the temperature readings to the Particle cloud every few seconds. Manipulated temperature by dipping the thermistor head in cold water or squeezing it between my fingers.
  3. Added LEDs to the circuit to act as visual indicators to when the ideal temperature was reached, and as indicators to how much time has passed. 
  4. Created an applet on IFTTT to send me an SMS message whenever the event "Temperature" was "Ready," ie the shower is at the right temperature. 
  5. Used extension cords to isolate the thermistor from the breadboard so that when mounted in the shower, the circuit would stay dry. The thermistor connection to the jumper wires were wrapped in electrical tape and fastened with a rubber band and scotch tape to the shower head in a position such that the thermistor would touch the water. 

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