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I approached representing this image using dots and lines by considering both the contrasting colors in the image, and what it was that gave me a sense of movement.

I noticed that his shirt was much darker than the rest of the image, so I made it appear darker by having lines close together. However, this part of the image is not the part that emphasizes movement.  This is shown in his arm and legs. I used in a different direction than the rest of his shirt to show that his arm is moving separately from his torso, swinging as he walks. I also used lines to give a vague outline of his arm and hand, showing how his arm bends at the elbow as he moves.

Next, I focused on his legs which is where most of the movement is present. His pants are a much lighter color than his shirt, which means lines more spaced apart. I also made sure to arrange the lines in a way that elongates his legs, showing that they are the part of his body that are moving against the air, to move forward. These lines are almost vertical to give this effect of “pushing against” his surrounding space. When I was finished creating this composition, I noticed how the lines in his legs remind you of his muscle moving as he walks. I feel as though this is very interesting as it shows how I am, in a way, capturing the basic form of a person walking in a natural/biological sense.

I mostly used lines for this composition, since I felt that they give a feel of movement and the human body. However, I did use some dots as well to emphasize movement around his knees, ankles and waist, and also his shirt as it moved.

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