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In my approach to representing this image with dots and lines, I again focused on the contrast in the image, and also on what it was that gave the image the nervous feeling I was aiming for.

Observing the original image, I noticed how the subject is framed by the dark chair. It was also brought to my attention (based on feedback) how the photograph could be improved if the subject was lighter, to draw a viewer’s attention to his chest and hands more. So, I chose to take this approach to capture the image better.

The result shows more lines around the subject to capture both the arms of the chair and his dark pants. However, around his chest and hands, I took care to have the lines emphasize the shape of his body, but not overpower him. This makes the subject appear lighter. I used dots, which are quieter than lines, to give an idea of the wrinkles of his shirt, and how his hands are clenched. I also have more lines and dots bunched together around his hands to draw a viewer’s attention there, as they are mostly what indicate the feeling of anxiety. In addition, most of the lines are nearly vertical, and so draw a viewer’s attention downward to where his hands feature lines more angled toward the horizontal.

I feel that this composition is pulling downward slightly, rather than being totally balanced, because of the presence of more dots and lines toward the bottom of the image, and because the arm of the chair is slightly more pronounced on the right side. However, I think this may be a good thing, since it adds to the anxiety of the image.

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