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I approached this composition similarly to the way I did for the human body in motion, using shape to emphasize contrast in the image.

The black rectangles on the right and left emphasize how the chair frames the subject.  The rectangles representing his tie are used to draw your attention to his chest, and then downward to his clenched hands, creating the feeling of anxiety.   Also, using such thick shapes on his two sides give the effect of them closing in on him, since he is made of only thin lines.  It also can be thought of using sound, the way Kandinsky describes it: the rectangles are louder than dots and lines, and so they overpower them.

In this image, I used lines to give a stronger outline of his body shape and his hands than I did using just dots and lines, so this image is quite a bit less abstract. This also shows more how the subject is tensed and leaning forward, nervously wringing his hands. I again used dots to emphasize wrinkles in his shirt, using more this time to add more depth to the image.

I noticed that this image feels more balanced than the one with just dots and lines, possibly because of the addition of rectangles drawing attention to his tie.

A Man-made Structure

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