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When I looked at this picture, I knew I wanted to use lines to capture the shading between the columns of the Mellon Institute, and also to give a vague sense of the structure of the building, while still keeping the strong, dignified feeling that the building conveys.

I used lines to create depth and perspective the way the original photograph does, having the vertical lines decrease in height, and move closer together, as they become further away from the photographer. These vertical lines give a feeling of strength and height, as the building does. I also used a combination of lines and dots to represent the tree and cars to the right of the building. The dots capture the quiet softness of the tree, and also the tires of the cars running smoothly on the road, while lines capture the stiff tree trunk and bodies of the cars.

Finally, I felt that it was necessary to include the crosswalk on the left side of the building, which I represented with a few short lines. (Perhaps the crosswalk together with the columns closer together create more activity on the left which counters the greater amount of objects and movement on the right side of the building.)

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