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Problem Statement

Recently my mother hasn’t been able to attend to her plants as she would like and thus other members of the household have been given the responsibility to water the plants, but they never know how much or how little to water them. This device visually notifies them when to water them and reduces their cognitive load along.  It also allows anyone to water plants do it regardless of their knowledge of plants. On the other hand, my mother could receive a notification and if she receives continuous notifications she is aware that no one has watered her plant and can personally call one member to do it.


My proposal provides a soil monitoring system for her herbs/plants the kitchen. The sensors would detect the moisture level in the soil and would turn on a light if the level is lower than it should be (in our case 1000), the light would only be turned off once the right amount of water is given. The light alerts anyone around the area and a text is sent to my mother’s phone. If someone is messing around with a her system and presses the button she gets a phone call letting her know someone is playing around.


1. Got all my pieces together, I was really excited to find a sautered plant sensor in the ideate room.

2. Initially I was mapping one piece to another trying to replicate a project online and not completely understanding what was going on. I was trying to learn by replicating the project and creating a conceptual map of what happens as shown in the diagram.

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