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In this composition, I used rectangles to put a greater emphasis on the shadows between the columns, also creating depth and perspective. I also replaced most lines with rectangles to make the building feel more strong and stable, an effect I was aiming for even with the first composition, using only dots and lines.

The large, solid rectangle at the corner of the building really grounds the building.  It does this because a rectangle creates more sound than lines and dots, and so overpowers the image, drawing attention to the corner (the support of the building) which is strong.

I again used dots to represent the leaves on the trees, indicating the softness of the leaves in contrast to the sturdiness of the Mellon Institute.

However, I took a quite different approach with the cars, representing them with rectangles and circles.  This acts to balance the image a bit though because of the large solid rectangle at the corner of the building, located slightly to the left of the center. This, together with the cluster of vertical lines between the columns (notice that the corresponding cluster on the right is broken up by the tree), forms a great deal of dark shapes which the cars counteract.


During this assignment, I discovered the importance of considering many different aspects of an image, including contrast, balance, and message, in order to capture the essence of an image in a simpler way.  I also discovered how much of a difference a rectangle can make versus a line, though they seem so similar.

It was definitely challenging to represent each image using simpler forms, but interestingly enough I found that I usually prefer the result with just lines and dots over the one with lines, dots, and shapes.  I found that lines and dots are more delicate, and so they allowed me to more easily create the perception of movement (like the human body in motion image), and other detail I might wish to convey.  However, adding shapes to the equation caused me to think a great deal about what basic shapes make up the human body and other objects and structures.

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