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At first, I attempted to sketch this chair using only straight lines, since thinking about a chair made me think of a rigid, straight, man-made structure. However, upon closer examination of the photo I realized that at this angle, almost all of the lines (which are straight and perpendicular on the chair itself) appear either curved or angled. Because of this, I soon realized that the difficulty in drawing simple man-made structures, like this chair, is capturing the exact proportions and angles of the lines, since we are so familiar with chairs that any error in this sketch would appear very skewed to our human eyes. I had to make a few revisions to this sketch before I finally found the proportions that made the chair seem most "normal". I even went as far as measuring the proportions from the photo with my fingers so I could figure how long and how angled each line should be.

I also had considerable difficulty representing the shadow. Even in this final revision, I'm not totally pleased with the shadow since it looks too solid and its edges are too defined, in my opinion. However, I am pleased at how the carpet turned out, as it does portray the idea of a warm fuzzy carpet using the least amount of ink possible.

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