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This sketch was interesting as it combines man-made structures with organic structures. To distinguish the two, I decided to make the lines on man-made structures straight and hard (except for the books) and the lines on organic structures curved and soft. I think this decision was influenced by Kandinsky's reading, in which Kandinsky associated certain lines with certain temperatures. Using this technique, I decided that the curved lines gave off a softer, warmer feeling while the straight lines seemed hard, cold, rigid. This was intentional, as organic structures, like a human body, give off heat while man-made structures don't. This is especially important in this sketch, because I wanted to portray the emotion of "stressed". I think portraying the desk and chair as harsher, colder objects definitely helped achieve this goal, because it places this one warm, organic figure in a cold environment, which in turn makes her seem alone, overwhelmed, outnumbered, and thus stressed.

I also experimented with the connection of lines, since Kandinsky stressed the importance of angles made by lines. For example, the subject's elbow is the only place where I have chosen to depict the angle between two lines, and not the lines themselves. I think this decision gave the elbow a much softer look, since the angle is rounded and acute (as opposed to a sharp, obtuse angle that appears disconnected and aloof). I would conclude that this experiment with angles was a successful one, although I wish I had used it more on this subject.

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