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Recreating Namrita's "N" Pendant

As I mentioned above, for Namrita, I wanted to try to recreate her "N" pendant as closely as I could with my skill set and fabrication tools. Because the pendant itself was a planar letter, laser cutting the "N"  seemed to be the most obvious fabrication method to use. The real challenge was identifying the aesthetic look of the "N." From her sketch of the pendant (shown below), I gleaned that the N had noticeable but not extreme flourishes, and that she had not necessarily drawn the flourishes in the right direction. I also guessed that perhaps the middle part of the N was thicker than the two side lines. Using these hypotheses, I created a CAD model of what the N would look like, and repeatedly lasercut the shape until I could get the smallest reliable size from the laser cutter, as I believed the N itself was relatively small (when comparing the size of the N to the clasp which attached it to the necklace). After lasercutting the final shape, I found a chain upon which to attach the N and made a new complete necklace to give to Namrita. I debated at one point whether to specifically buy a gold chain and paint the lasercut shape gold (as she distinctly describes the necklace as gold in the interview), but I felt that the necklace may look like gold but would definitely not feel like it, and thus it might be better to present it in the original material form. The transition and final form is shown below. 

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