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Creating a Memento for Shivang's Cricket Bat

As I mentioned before, for Shivang's memento of a cricket bat, I decided that instead of trying to recreate the bat I would make a "memento of the memento" to compare the reaction with the more exact recreation of Namrita's necklace. I had noticed in Shivang's interview that the cricket bat was mostly special to him as it reminded him of a shared experience with his brothers, and thus I knew whatever I created should in some way reflect that. I thought a possible way to do so was to create a keychain, something that a person could keep with themselves most of the time, of a cricket bat. The bat would also be adorned with their family's last name, Chordia, to create a sense of personalization and the word "Bros" to indicate the unity of them. Moreover, I made sure that I would create three of them, one for each of the three brothers so this keychain could be another shared object between them. My initial reaction was to actually 3D print a cricket bat with these adornments in order to have some of the physicality of the curve of the bat; however, after some experimentation, I found the curve was not being well preserved in the scale I was working. Therefore, I decided to focus on the texture of the wood instead, lasercutting the keychains out of a birch sheet. 

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