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After finishing this process, I interviewed Namrita again, which is when I showed her the final form I created (which she was not aware I was going to make). Before the interview, I gave her a vague explanation of my project (an attempt to recreate important mementos), after which she immediately got visibly excited as she realized I recreated her necklace. The formal part of the interview is shown below. I was very surprised at how much she resonated with the object; she was noticeably appreciative of the necklace, mentioned that the curves of the N was exactly right, and that this object did remind her of that necklace which she lost. After this interview, she told me she was going to tell her mom about it and immediately took a picture of it and started talking to her. 

This was a much stronger reaction to what I was expecting, as I did not expect her to really connect with the object at all (as it wasn't her actual necklace). She did mention that if this was to be a longer term project, then she would like to see more iterations to get the necklace exactly right, in which case that new object might take on all the memories of the old. 

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