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This sketch seemed to do a much better job nailing the proportions of the chair. By using shapes, I could also portray the third dimension. However, I still struggled to get the shadow right, since it still looks just as sharp and solid as the previous one. An approach I could have tried is using lines to represent the directions in the shadow instead of representing the silhouette of the shadow. (This would be analogous to drawing a bunch of diagonal lines in the shape of a square, instead of drawing the outline of a square.) This approach would emphasize the content of the shadow instead of the outline of the shadow, which is exactly what I would have wanted since the outline of the shadow is supposed to be hazy and undefined.

One area of improvement is the consistency in the dimensionality of this chair. Some lines are two-dimensional (ex. the planks wrapping around the bottom of the chair) while others are three-dimensional (ex. the seat of the chair). Although having that third dimension definitely enhances this sketch, it would have been more aesthetically pleasing if every plank were three-dimensional. 

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