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Also, when testing out the night light, I found the motor to be too loud and I could not go to sleep, so I had to eventually turn it off. For future iterations, I hope to create a quieter model that actually moves at a readable pace, possibly using a stepper motor that I can control easier. Another issue I faced was the lights were too weak to project onto the ceiling, so my next iteration would involve stronger lights. During Zip Crits, a valid suggestion was to incorporate color to the design to help with sleep quality. For future iterations, I like the idea of programming the lights to change from a blue to a yellow light, so when the light is blue it alerts the brain to think and be introspective, and when it turns yellow it helps the brain go to sleep (3). Finally, I would like to work on the packaging of the design as a whole, maybe use a sturdier black material so the light can pop out more and the sturdiness gives it durability. I would like to also work on embedding all the wiring inside the contraption and have just a switch on the outside to make it more user-friendly.

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