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Questions and Reflection:

Based on the questions I was asking before starting this project, I learned that embodying my sleep into an object actually helped me become more aware of my sleep habits and that’s caused my sleep quality to increase the past week because I am conscientious of what I do during the day and how it can affect my sleep. This nice thing about this project is how personalized it is to the person. For example, I may sleep better if I have caffeine that day, while someone else’s sleep quality decreases when they have caffeine. Before embodying my sleep memory into an object, my sleep data had no meaning to me. I question whether the tangibility of something makes it more meaningful? Do we prefer printed images over digital images? Does the fact of making something tangible give it more meaning? I believe data means nothing unless you give it meaning.


(1) Laurie Frick's Work:

(2) Tachographs:

(3) Future development of the light color:

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